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Light, Strong, and Beautiful. Available exclusively from


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Available in sizes 16" to 32"

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Your Spokes, Your Way. 

With limitless finish and spoke combinations, we will help you make your dream wheel come to life.

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Traditional never looked so good!


From 40 to 80 spokes, and beyond! These are wheels that are as beautiful as they are timeless.



One-Off Creations

Think you have what it takes to win ALL the shows you attend in 2018?


You've come to the right spot. 



We are honored to present the world's greatest collection of custom motorcycle wheels.

Jade Affiliated is a company built out of determination, and fueled by decades of experience.  Jade Affiliated customers can take comfort knowing an unparalleled experience on every level has begun from the very first moment they make the call.  The combination of intuitive yet diverse designs along side in-house manufacturing means you will receive an immaculate product in an unprecedented time frame that's sure to be;

"Best in the Business"